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10x Programmer

10x programmers can exist by designing things better. They will be able to find a better way to do something, not just type quicker.

The more goal-oriented the task is, the bigger this multiplier can be. If you specify exactly how something needs to work they can make small, local design wins, but if you just say "I want a tool that does this", then they have more freedom to find the really good design that eliminates much of the complexity.

The article above is by antirez who is a great example. Redis is good and simple because it was designed entirely by him to be that way.

He mentions "Killing 5% to get 90%" where by killing a non-priority goal you can simplify the design and reach the main goal much more easily.

In some cases the average programmer will simply never be able to produce something as good as a 10x'er, it is a qualatitive difference, not just quantative. Could I create redis?

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