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The Barbour keeps you warm in two ways. First it is mostly waterproof, and lined with a thin cotton padding.

This would not make it the coat of choice if not for the second method however. There are coats that are objectively more waterproof and warmer.

The Barbour reminds the wearer of their britishness. It conjures up images of farmers in wellies standing in the pouring rain, of moustachioed soldiers trudging through the mud. As the wearer huddles in the drizzle, they think back thousands of years to some ancestor, crouching in the shadow of a great oak, watching a mighty red dear through the trees. The wearer stands a little straighter, the cold and wet no longer seems an inconvinience, instead it becomes a badge of bride. I am British, they think, this is my weather.

The Ritual of re-waxing keeps you in touch with the item, like how Maria Kondo talks to heir bags, I must rub my barbour all over with wax.

It is a simple object that works in all types of UK weather that might require a coat.

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