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Communism inside free society

One reason a free society is best, is that there would be nothing stopping a communist commune from existing within it. The Kibbutz in Isreal are a good example that could be coppied. If people prefer the life within the commune, we would expect it to grow and eventually subsume the entire country into a communist utopia! (I, personally, doubt this will come to pass).

The fact that communists do not take this tack today, is suspicious.

The opposite: a free society within a communist society would be impossible. You would be forbidden from trading with others, you would be forbidden from owning anything you created, you would be forced to work for 'the collective'.

Thinking through 'how would communism work, actually' (I wonder if you go far enough left, does it become libertarianism? Do some communists want to break the current system but not have an all-powerful state enforcing and owning anything? Based on the name, presumably not. Based on the name, presumably private property will necessarily be disallowed.)

Say all property has been confiscated and now belongs to the state "the people". I have invented a story entirely in my head, not using any state property. I offer to tell you that story in return for a back-rub. Is this allowed? Is the back-rub considered labour that belongs to the state or something? Is it just enough that all property belongs to the state, since this prevents anyone gathering any 'stuff' in exchange for their trades (without stealing it from "the people" of course – if you give me your bread in exchange, then presumably that is considered theft, since it was not your bread to give, or something like that?)

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