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It would be nice to live in a world where people return lost wallets, good for everyone (prisoner dilemna), since the annoyance saved by not having to redo your cards is great assuming everyone has about the same probability to lose their wallet in their lives. Best for me would be a world where everyone else was bound to do this, by norms or some sort of institution that forces them to do so.

Second best may be (see Parfit) to also constrain myself to do so, if the alternative is to have no norm. For example it might make sense for an egoist to support the creation of an institution that prevents them from defecting in future.

In cases where most people are bound by norms, and there are no other negatives from defecting (including feeling less good about oneself, people liking you less, etc.) then it makes sense to defect. Sorry.

(todo: look at Munger article about 'the road to crony capitalism' also?)

See Living With Moral Nihilism

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