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As explained in Siddhartha, you cannot gain enlightenment from reading about enlightenment.

Each generation makes the same mistakes and relearns lessons learnt by the previous one. When they are 30-40-50, they look back on advice from their parents and think 'how right they were!'

It does not seem possible in some cases to skip right to this point, you cannot grok some concepts that easily.

Sometimes you read a book multiple times, and the second time you probably see many things you missed the first time – you might think that the book contained this knowledge and you just missed it at first – you might think that anyone reading the book could access that knowledge just as easily as yourself. In fact, the book is maybe only pointing at something you already almost knew, and giving it words. Someone else might get nothing from the same piece of text.

You think 'that book is life changing, it made me realise X, Y, Z', but if you had read it a year earlier, it would have fallen flat.

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