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Ethics - everyone egoists

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Is everyone an egoist?

See Living With Moral Nihilism for a discussion of how egoism can lead you to live your life by essentially 'common sense morality'.

The fact that people care for others does not mean they are alrtuistic. They might truly care about a loved one to the point that protecting them from harm is a strong desire. They might be signalling.

Realistically, most people are the 'unthinking' type from Ethics - nihilism. They are mostly egoistis, but some of their behaviour is caused by outside influences:

  • Wanting do conform, even in cases where there is nothing to be gained from it
  • Sacrifice to sacred ideas such as 'country', 'humanity', etc
  • Their conscience (internalised societal pressure)

They frequently take altruistic actions.

Overall, people are far, far more egoistical than they admit (the word has a bad reputation currently), but are not pure egoists.

This means they are unethical to both the utilitarians AND the ethical egoists.

Denial of egoism

In The Virtue of Selfishness Rand says that men live in guilt and cynicism. They are cynical because they do not really accept or practice altruism. Guilty because they dare not outwardly reject it.

Max Stirner points to a similar tension in many men's lives in The ego and his own

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