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Father Christmas

Lying to children about Father Christmas is naughty (confidence: highly likely)

I have not found a good reason to tell my daughter that Father Christmas is a real person.

Common arguments include:

It is a tradition

Sure, and we may still play the game of hanging the sock and getting presents on Christmas morning, but I see no reason to claim that Santa is real. I enjoy Christmas in general, despite not thinking that Jesus was the son of god, after all.

It gives a sense of wonder to the child

There are other, better ways to achieve this, using things that are actually true. Our world is interesting enough that we do not need to invent things to instill wonder in small children.

It encourages good behavior

Unsure if true, most of the year. Maybe more so around Christmas. I see no reason you could not use a different threat though (be good or your parents will not buy you presents). Additionally I would prefer to use more positive methods to encourage good behavior.

It helps children understand the concept of lying

I would say that generally, it is wrong for parents to lie to their children in the first place. It seems that most children recover from the lie, but why do it in the first place? Beyond this, surely a better way to show children that people lie, is to let them be exposed to a conspiracy of most adults trying to get them to believe in an imaginary man with super powers who will give them nice stuff if they believe in him. I imagine that this will be an excellent lesson.

The child will tell the other children

Maybe. It is not my responsibility to cover for lies made by strangers to their children.

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