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Focused Projects

I struggle to focus on a single project, and have great difficulty finishing anything. This leaves me with my open projects that are making little progress, but take up brain space.

In an attempt to actually complete things, I am trying to create focused projects, this means:

If the project is larger than this, it is broken down into chunks

(Are these sprints? This feels somewhat Agile)

I started using these rules on 2019-06-21

Update 2019-07-05, I am already at 4 projects, and only one of them has a really clear, short-term goal. Two of them are for events that will happen in almost 1 year! Instead of 'Event X', I should have made them 'Initial Planning for Event X', which might spawn off other projects. It seems like overhead, but I think it will really help me shift these things more quickly.

Update 2019-08-07, some more recent thoughts on projects are at Productivity - nudge

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