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Instrumental utilitarianism

Imagine a moral nihilist. They do not believe there is any meaning to the concepts of good or evil. They personally desire that humanity thrives far into the future. They also empathise with other humans and wish for as many of them as possible live happy lives. How can they best leverage their own power to bring this about? One way would be to increase the number of utilitarians!

One person can only do so much them self, but in spreading utilitarianism virally, can control the resources of each person affected.

Peter Singer can reduce animal suffering by refraining from eating meat, he has reduced it much, much more by converting others to veganism.

It would surprise me if there isn't at least one influential utilitarian philosopher who is a closet nihilist, who only pretends to be believe that utilitarianism is true, simply to further their own selfish desire to better the world.

In this vein, we might want to find the best level of utilitarianism to require of people by Defining good to maximise good behaviour

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