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Kendrick Damn

My interpretation of the album Damn.

In the first song of the album Kendrick is killed, the rest of the songs are a flashback, it is him looking back on his life and judging himself.

He talks about his various sins and how he tries to overcome them

In the last song we learn that but for a small coincidence he would have died, the previous songs might then be him trying to justify why god gave him this chance to survive, he's trying to decide if his life was a good one. This comes back to the lines "is it wickedness or weakness". He's asking the question, why did I not live up to my values, the commandments of god? Is it because I am wicked, or just weak.

He is weighing up the bad he has done (is he a bad influence, some people think so) and the good. His hypocrisy (talking about gun control while himself saying he would kill his son’s killer), He justifies himself but talking about why he is the way he is (DNA – his environment, genes, feat, his life growing up, America).

For Lust it seems he is saying you should not live life in lust and just doing things mindlessly (he talks about how quickly people got back to the routine after Trump) – I’ve heard the opposite in one theory, so would be good to go over the lyrics for that one.

Would be interesting to go through and pull out quotes to support these thoughts or contradict them.

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