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  1. Very fast cylcle times
  2. Focus on what the customer wants (but don't ask them)
  3. Experimentation and data-driven decision making

In lean the goal of a startup is to move through the build-measure-learn loop as quickly as possible, going from idea to product to learning. The aim is always to speed up that loop.

It doesn't matter if you are on-time and on-budget if you build something nobody wants!

Another principle is learning about customers by asking.

Also, the MVP: do the tinyest possible amount of work to get the project out. Might include lots of manual labour (maybe 100% manual labour to start with) as you learn about the idea, how customers react, etc. Fully manual MVP = concierge MVP

In the MVP stage you can pay for test-users via adwords. Maybe 5$ a day for a few users to learn from.

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