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Personal Work Hours

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To make my own time more focused, I've been thinking about the concept of personal work hours.

This is trying to bring the structure of a job to personal projects, while leaving space for working on whatever I feel motivated about at the time.

It has three parts:

This is essentially Deep Work with some flourishes.

When are my work hours

This needs to be time I control, ie. time that I can consistently use, to make this a habit. Currently mornings are given to running, so I can't use that.

  • Lunchtime (either reading in the park, or maybe an admin block at work)
  • Evenings (could try and do 1-2 around 8pm, but that time can be variable)
  • Weekends (currently very variable, but could carve out some time with LP on certain days)

How should this time be used

  • Ultralearning project, building things, focused work toward a project, working on the zetl, studying textbooks, etc.
  • It is not for things like cleaning, tidying
  • It can be for admin, but there should be only one admin block per day ideally (and this does not count? or should it?)
  • see Simpler at Productivity - nudge for how to work out what to work on

How should that time be structured

Work cycles

30 minutes of work, 10 minute break. Set out what you aim to achieve before starting, followup when the block is complete.


When planning out the next day, tasks should be booked to the relevant work cycle (ie. 8pm, 8:40pm etc.) so we know it is possible to complete them They should be priority #C (for cycle..)


It is easy for work-cycles or pomodoro to become too unconscious, the questions lose their usefulness, you forget you're in one, you skip the break, etc. To avoid this, we need to add some ritual to the start and end of the work cycle.


  • deep breath
  • shoulder stretch
  • put them on when starting
  • remove headphones when done

Work cycles template

  • What am I trying to accomplish?
  • How will I get started
  • Completed?
  • Any notes / distractions / things to improve?

Measuring success

A goal to measure the number of wc we do each day (maybe excluding admin?). Aim for 1/day?

Before we create this, start by just doing it, and see if we even need a goal. We can track the number done by looking at our project log.

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