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Ideas on a possible way of using pomodoros.

  • I use org-pomodoro to record pomodoros for tasks
  • I do this less often than I would like – probably need a goal to track how many I do, to ensure I remember to do so
  • I do find them useful for getting my started on a task, and ensuring I stay fresh throughout

One issue I have with the system is that I sometimes find myself 20 minutes from a meeting. On the other extreme, I sometimes am working on a task where I would like an uninterupted stretch of more than 25 minutes at a time.

It might be interesting to work with three timebox sizes. I dub thee:

  • tick (15 min)
  • tack (25 min)
  • tock (40 min)

update 2019-04-19: I worry that making the system more complicated with affect rhythm you get when ploughing through pomodoros. Also, the more complicated the less likely I will use it consistently. I will stick with the classic 25 minute version for now, and use task-bundling to handle small tasks. If I have less than 25 mins before a meeting, then do a small task in that time regardless?

I already change taskbar color to be red when I'm not in a pom, blue in a break, green during a pom. The idea is to make myself uncomfortable working when the screen is not green, and to feel the need to 'clock in' when it is red.

Additionally I would like the ability to:

  • Block distracting websites: email, slack, feedly – but not always (sometimes I might be doing an 'email processing' pomodoro
  • Stop music when the pomo ends, maybe using site blocking also (yt/spotify)
  • See a report of the pomodoros I worked on that day (agenda clock report mode?)

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