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2019 Building back up after ankle issues

I was making solid progress in 2018, but probably increased mileage too much (jumping from 55 to 65km quite quickly, including some longer runs and higher intensity. That ended my longest session of training so far, maybe 10 months. I had run just under 21min at the local, muddy 5k, goals in this block will be to very, very carefully build up some mileage, then work toward a sub-20 5k (again on the local, muddy route) and 42min 10k.

Rule of thumb will be to keep long-run short (<1h30), stay at a given level of intensity/mileage for 3-4 weeks before changing, and having a down-week (15-20% drop) every 4th week.

June 2019: Very careful buildup - 5 weeks

Summer 2019. Started getting some consistent runs at the beginning of June.

Current focus is building up the mileage again, without getting injured.

  • Very slow, keep it under 5:30/k if possible, sprinkle in some walks if we feel like it
  • Strides if feeling good, but not otherwise
  • 6-7 runs a week, skip if feeling off, but try and run to keep legs loose and recovering

After 4 weeks of this, if we feel good, can consider increasing mileage slowly. up to 1km/weekly-run (so 6k if we run 6 times a week). Stay at a given mileage for 3-4 weeks where possible. Don't increase mileage and intensity. Keep long runs under 1h30 for now.

As of 21st June, we have had about 2 weeks of consistent E running, so could consider changes after 5th July (assuming I am still healthy)

Also, plan to include a down week every 3 or 4 weeks. This would be a drop in intensity and mileage (15-20%) before we increase mileage the following week.

2019-07-03: Did a run in the trial shoes today, felt the left ankle more, but right ankle felt better. Overall felt good after the run. Might try the road shoes on that route tomorrow and see if the unevenness is good or bad, or if the shoes are good or bad.

2019-07-05: Road shoe offroad run today, felt very good. Don't know if this is just ankles getting stronger or the combination of the cushioned shoe with the uneven terrain making them feel better. Preparing for a down week next week, with ~4k instead of 5, before pushing the mileage a bit the week after

2019-07-08: Feeling better and better now. Did a 3k shakeout this morning (Monday) instead of the usual full-rest-day, feeling fine. This week will be a 20% drop to 4k(hah)/day, then we can start pushing it next week, including some double to/from work. Each should be just under 4k: which would be around 7-8k/day, can leave some of the other days at 4k for a couple of weeks while we see how we feel with that.

(don't do too many doubles first week, keep going slowly)

July 8th 2019: Down week

Running about 4km a day this week to make sure the legs are fully rested. Have been feeling very tired due to getting less sleep than usual, but body feels very good. Should be safe to increase mileage next week.

Plan will be to do a couple of doubles, with 4-5k on the other days, keeping Monday as a rest day with only a 3k shakeout run.

We will again try and hold this mileage/intensity for 4 weeks before moving making any changes.

July 15th 2019: First small increase block

This will be 3 weeks at slightly higher intensity before backing off 20% for a week. Felt very good during the slow week last week, hard to keep my pace low enough. Legs feeling fresh. Really like the monthly down-week.

For buildup, Daniels suggests increasing each training block by 1 mile per weekly run. So I could go up by 6-7 miles (10k or so) – assumes no intensity change probably.

(32k + speedwork = 38k up from 33k) conservative increase, due to addition of the double and the speedwork. Can include more strides if feeling good.

Mon: 4k shakeout Tue: 5kE Wed: fartlek 5k (speed, but just a touch) Thu: 5kE (work event) Fri: 6k E Sat: 4/4KE double Sun: 5k E

2019-07-21: End of first week. Feel fine. Moved the double to Sunday. Felt the second run a little, and pace was good and low, but would be fine to go for another run now, which is a good sign. Will continue with this schedule for another 2 weeks before shifting up further.

2019-07-28: Feeling great, event the second run on Sunday felt very easy, legs wanted to go fast. Another week then we drop back before increasing again. Might move the double to a week-day so we can run to work.

2019-08-06: Feeling decent, ran two doubles and did less speed. No issues so far. this week is a down week, I've done a quick 3k on Monday, 5k or so Tuesday, planning to continue like this for the rest of the week, maybe a 6k here and there depending on the camping trip on the weekend, then increasing again next week when we have no parking! Plan for the next week might be something like 45k:

Mon: 3k shakeout Tue: 4/4 double Wed: fartlek 5k Thu: 4/4 double Fri: 4/4 double Sat: 5k Sun: 8k

2019-08-11: Missed two days over the weekend, although did some hiking and trampoline. Left ankle feels a bit funny, but not painful. Planning a 4/4 for Monday since I had two rest days, might then remove the Friday double to compensate.

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