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UK poor performance

The UK is far from the running power it once was. Complacency in running, an example from "The way of the runner": In 2012, the year after the London Olympics, NO British runners broke 2h15m in the marathon. 12 USA men managed it (countless Kenyans?) but 52 Japanese men!

A 2018 update to this, Japan has marathon performances as below in 2018 alone 1 Man under 2:06.00 4 Men under 2:07.00 5 Men under 2:08.00 10 men under 2:09.00 16 Men under 2:10.00

The US has one under 2:12 The UK has Mo under 2:06 but nobody else is even close (next best is sub 2:15) All the other top times are back in the 70s-80s!

(update 2019: 3 sub-2:10 performances in the UK this year)


Anecdotally, the Kenyans all seem to prioritise Sleep highly. I seem to recover better when I get sleep, and worse when S was waking up frequently.

From The Way of the Runner, adolescent athletes sleeping more than 8 hours a night were 68% less likely to be injured than people who slept less.

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