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To find the opporunity in adversity. Seeing discomfort or setbacks as a way to improve self, an opporunity to graph, a lesson to be learnt. When something that seems at first glance to be bad occurs, try and see how it can be turned into an opporunity.

Objective view

When something goes wrong, staying calm and taking the outside view. How would someone else view this issue, resolve it. Not wasting time by worrying or being angry, simply overcoming the obstacle in the best way.

Premeditatio malorum

Go over the worst that could happen, play out each scenario. It wasn't so bad.


While I am Aurelius's rock, pounded by the waves of life, our obstacles are soft sandstone, we will beat them away bit by bit, they cannot resist.

The world will not become softer, we need instead to become tougher. Life is full of opportunities for this.

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