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Summer Teaching

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Fun things to teach her


  • Work out together how we could tell the time using the sun, and create a sundial type thing (hypothesis, tests, measurements, etc.)
  • Cosmic distance ladder (we can try and replicate the ancient greek parts ourselves)

Spaced Repetition

Can use a Leitner box (physical spaced repetition):

In this method flashcards are sorted into groups according to how well the learner knows each one in the Leitner's learning box. The learners try to recall the solution written on a flashcard. If they succeed, they send the card to the next group. If they fail, they send it back to the first group. Each succeeding group has a longer period of time before the learner is required to revisit the cards. In Leitner's original method, published in his book So lernt man Lernen (How to learn to learn), the schedule of repetition was governed by the size of the partitions in the learning box. These were 1, 2, 5, 8 and 14cm. Only when a partition became full was the learner to review some of the cards it contained, moving them forward or back depending on whether they remembered them.

Quick method for testing, I have three different size paper clips. We study the big one every day, the medium one every two days, the little one weekly. If you know the card, move it up. If you forget it, move it down! We will see if S enjoys this, and do something more sturdy if so (currently my cards are just small pieces of paper I have cut out and drawn on with a sharpie.


Intuitive and historical approaches where possible. Khan? Textbook I got for highschool level

Internet / mental health

Router turns off after Xpm? Might not work in the future, if we all use data for everything.

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