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There is no try

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"Do or do not, there is no try"


Choose a problem. Set the clock for 5 minutes. Solve the problem.

Do not try to fix the problem, just fix it. Go "full agenthood" for a second and use all of your mind and all of your resources and fix the problem.

Trying this out - recently have begun to eat junk food

The times I do this are generally:

  • In the morning at work if I have left over snacks from the previous lunch
  • If I go to the supermarket at lunch and buy something sweet
  • At lunch, if I do not bring lunch and instead buy it in town
  • When I get home, before I head out for a delivery

For lunch, I have my 'pack lunch' goal but it has not been working well recently. Action: stop the pack-lunch goal

Supermarket is full of temptation, no good food to be had there at lunch Action: ban buying food for lunch at the supermarket

At home, if very hungry there is nothing I can grab before heading out Action: gather some healthy quick snacks at home

Also, need to break the habit of eating sweet things with tea in the evening. Need to see myself as someone who does not eat or like sweet things again. Action: I do not eat sweet things other than fruit Action: fruit and other snacks in the evening if we must

Conclusion Spent 7 minutes and came out with 4 tasks to help with this issue. Not sure I solved it though. Have also booked a followup to this in 4 weeks to see if it worked at all

Update after 4 weeks It does seem to have worked, although I am not convinced the tasks helped significantly! Thinking through the issue likely did help though, as it clarified in my mind what the goal was etc.

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