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Kondo suggests tidying category by category. This allows you to gather all of one type of object and easily see what you can get rid of.

She tries to focus positively on the things you keep instead of negatively on the things you get rid of. This is why she tells you to keep things that 'spark joy'.

If you put things in storage but do not discard, you are merely hiding clutter, not tidying.

She makes a Ritual of tidying to help make the necessary change of attitude in the tidyer that will allow them to stay tidy in future.

A key point is to make sure that there is one spot for every item. This is key, since it will prevent things piling up everywhere. Instead it will be simple to put it back, and you will not need to think about it, it will be frictionless. Of course, the fewer things you have the easier this is to accomplish.

It is definitely the case that keeping an area in a good state makes it easier to tidy, therefore there is a bit of a broken-windows effect. Doing a big clean, then keeping on top of the result does make things easier, but you only need to miss a day for the whole thing to revert (at least in my house).

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