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Zettelkasten - software has info on editor support for the method. Zettelkasten - scripts discusses scripts to support the method

Q: Should I split this note up further? At what point should something be split? Probably judgment call?

One idea on how this would be useful to me is when processing book notes. They could be split into multiple ideas as part of reprocessing, each note would be in my own words, but could link back to the parent for context. This would allow me to built up a web of these interconnected ideas (things like importance of faith, freedom, morality, etc. that come up again and again).

Making each note about a single small idea seems to be central to the system, and would allow me to link the notes together more densely. I find that a lot of the benefit in reading widely and making notes comes from when disparate ideas can be linked together somehow.

I am bad at this still I find myself making category notes with lots of headers, instead of breaking it up. Maybe break each one up? But that makes it much less readable. Rah! Need to read more examples, etc. May be overthinking.

Here however, the zettelkasten blog talks about one note per concept: So it might well make sense for 'Running' to start as one note and break down into Running recovery, Running training, etc. over time. 'Completency' is probably find as is, also.

Currently it is just a nexus note, ready to be back-linked to.


Some people have strong feelings on the format of the note. To keep things portable I like the idea of using what I currently have: title of the note == name of the note. Dates can be put in the top of the file if necessary. No other format than that.

one thing: is it useful to put the title at the top? After all, we have the note name already!

Existing Notes

The best way to handle existing notes is probably to bring them across to this folder when I want to link to them, or reprocess them. For example 'views' would be better split into multiple notes!

book/paper/artl can stay where they are.

There is a lot of useful content in 'rand' and 'book' that I forget about, because I am not linking back into it.

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