modified 2018-11-02

Saving time or brainspace through automation

I am trying to free up time by getting rid of tasks that can be automated.

Choosing a book

Choosing a new book once I have finished my current one always takes me a long time, as I try and find something that I want to read, isn’t too expensive, and if possible is already on my kindle.

The best way to do this is to buy books I am interested in when they are at their cheapest. I store books I want to read in goodreads, but there is no way to order by kindle price there, so I would have to click through checking prices each time I am choosing a new book.

Instead I spent around 1-2h to put together a quick script that scrapes the current kindle price from amazon for each book on my ‘to-read’ goodreads list and emails it to me each morning. 1. This way I can buy books as soon as they drop in price, and choose my next book from those already on my kindle. This has already saved me time and money a few weeks later.

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