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The Last Englishman

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Book notes for "The Last Englishman", A Thru-Hiking Adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail by Keith Foskett

Quick Review:

Fun book, quick and interesting read. Not amazing.


The hardest part of the PCT, and indeed any long-distance path, is actually making the decision to attempt it in the first place. The second hardest is the waiting. Once you've made both commitments it becomes surprisingly obvious that you should have done it a long time ago. The apprehension you felt at making such a big decision suddenly becomes insignificant and your goal becomes clear and lucid. Make the choice and everything starts to fall into place. location 227

We all carried duct tape. The wide, silver material is easy to tear off yet extremely strong. To save space in our packs, large rolls were often wound around trekking poles. We used it for pack repairs, broken sunglasses, ripped clothing and even taped it to our ankles. The strong consistency and slippery surface were ideal for blister prevention. I would consider it one of a few truly necessary items. location 3429

Or how about all 3,200 miles of the classic European E1 hike from Italy to Norway (or the other way round)? location 4313

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