Pragmatic Minimalism 2 - Clothes

The perfectionist way would be to throw out all your clothes and buy 5 identical white tshirts and exactly seven pairs of socks.

This is clearly wasteful and not necessary.

Instead, I went through all my clothes and took out only a small portion (around 5 t-shirts and seven pairs of socks for example). The rest have been packed up for now, so I do not need to think about them.

If one of my current t-shirts is no longer wearable, I do not need to buy a new one, I simply take one out of storage. Eventually the storage will be used up and I will have arrived at the same state the perfectionist wanted, except with less waste and money spent.

This does require more storage space, so will depend on your lifestyle, but I did not have enough clothes in the first place to make this an issue.

I have been able to put all my clothes in a single drawer, as well as a few hangers for a shirt and coat. The other drawers have been freed up for my spouse.