Expecting Better by Emily Oster

modified 2018-11-08

Book notes for “Expecting Better”, Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom is Wrong and What You Really Need to Know

Quick review:

A very interesting book, it is reassuring to know the actual source behind many recommendations during pregnancy, and a reminder that in many cases it can be important to check for yourself if conventional wisdom applies to your own situation and values, or if conventional wisdom is even based in fact. Often with medical matters we tend to rely entirely on our doctor, but having more knowledge (as long as it is based in fact) can only empower us to make better decisions.

Questions raised:

After this book I moved on to some post-pregnancy books. Unfortunately there are none by this author at the moment.

Insights, lessons learnt:

It is worth spending time to research things, and look at the data directly, since often people make descisions for you (see: cosleeping, alcohol in pregnancy) because they believe the outcomes for that recommendation to be better at a population level. If you make decisions for yourself, you can optimise.


Drinking cannot harm baby in first 2 weeks!